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Electric Movement is recognized as a Premiere Columbia Par Car Dealer

Give me a chance to compete for your business and I will earn it. -Daniel Reuter, President

Most Power in Class

3 Horsepower from the other guys? You’re not pulling a covered wagon. Our base 48Volt drivetrain is 17.3 Hp. None of our competitors even come close. Our drivetrains are Built For Work.

10 Gauge Steel Frame

When you start with a frame this tough, the end result is going to be built to take some abuse. Our frames are so rugged, they come with a lifetime warranty.

Hill Climbing Comes Standard

Am I going to get to the top? YES. With 3 power levels available, we’ve got a vehicle that can challenge even your steepest hill.

Comfort = Productivity

More leg room, head room, and entry/exit room. When your people are comfortable, they will work happier and faster. Most vehicles come standard with adjustable bucket seats and armrests.

Quality Done Right

We fab the metal, mold the plastics, make the seats, and do all the assembly. This allows us the flexibility for extensive customization and short production times.

Parts Ship in 24 Hrs

Fleets can’t afford downtime. Since our parts are made by Columbia in the USA, we can ship most common replacement items within 24 hours. Even something unusual we can build and ship within 5 days.