Hardware Development

We believe in rapid prototyping and we like to move fast...like "have an idea and be testing a proof-of-concept the next day" fast. We use the best of the old-school and the new-school to make it happen. We print circuit boards on the latest in PCB printers, make quick-and-dirty prototypes on our 3D printers, and use our full machine shop when it's time to build functional parts.

Through incremental testing, we are able to prove our designs early, ensuring that the final product doesn't suck. Through our experience working with our in-house machine shop, we can recommend the fastest or cheapest way do get something done.


Mechanical and Electrical Design

Our hardware team is obsessed with moving fast and getting to testable prototypes. We do everything from getting a quick and dirty proof of concept together, to refining a design over many iterations and moving it into volume production. The key enabler of our Hardware Team are our Rapid Manufacturing facilities and capabilities. These capabilities allow us to turn a prototype in days when the alternative would be months when working with outside contract manufacturers.


Mechanical Team

Our Mechanical Team has designed complex robot platforms from scratch. We thrive when given an open-ended problem to solve, and we get to scope requirements and set goals in order to get there as fast as possible. I think you'll be surprised what you can learn from us in a short intro meeting. We typically inform the technical roadmap of our customers the first time we meet them.


Electrical Design

Our Electrical Team are expert at designing and building reliable electrical systems. Our core areas of expertise are power distribution, harness design, and PCB design.