Our Team

Electric Movement is an end-to-end robot development shop. Because we design software, mechanical, and electrical systems, we are able to build complex systems without relying on the limitations of off-the-shelf offerings. We have a library of hardware and software references designs that enable us to develop customized products faster than most.

We are a highly interdisciplinary contract team that develops complete hardware and software systems for extremely challenging automation applications.

Electric Movement brings together a diverse team of 20+ talented engineers across the disciplines of Industrial Design, Electrical, Mechanical, Software Engineering, and Manufacturing. Our members, who have worked at such places as SpaceX, NASA, Zero Motorcycles, and Kawasaki Robotics, bring many years of design, prototyping, R&D, testing, and manufacturing experience to the table. We are truly a full full-stack engineering organization.


Daniel Reuter, CEO

Daniel has an undying passion for all things electric, advancing technology, and making things better. He started this company with a vision for solving real problems and bringing robots to market. You can put Daniel in front of basically any store, restaurant, website, or product and he'll immediately start working on ways to improve it. Take him to Disneyland - he'll tell you all about how the rides work, marvel at the scale of running the park as a business, and walk you through the details of how to go about manufacturing all the things you see and don't see. 


Brandon Kinman, CTO

Brandon learned early in his academic career that he was going to be an engineer and was going to run his own projects. Driven only begins to describe him when it comes to solving complicated robotics and automation problems. Outside work he embodies the spirit of the amateur craftsman: roasts coffee, brews beer, vints wine, builds furniture, grows tomatoes, cooks for the love of cooking. 


Paul Somero, VP Engineering

Paul is driven to know things so thoroughly that we kind of joke about the inability to stump him. He is incredibly passionate about mechanical engineering, technology and pushing the bounds of what is possible & practical. If Paul isn't knee deep in a project, you might have the wrong Paul - he's put a pneumatic air suspension on a truck, helped build the world's fastest electric bike, motorized all the things in his house, and almost always has some parts coming together on his desk. Further, you can always count on Paul for a really good story on nearly any topic. 


Hardware Team

Kellen, Paul, Brian, Boran, Eric

Our Hardware Team does mechanical engineering, prototype machining, electrical engineering. These are the people we have to kick out every night because they're too excited about what they're designing and building to leave on their own.


Software Team

Harsh, Thomas, Brandon, Carlos

Our Software Team works in many languages to command bots to boop and beep. These ROS gurus tackle challenges related to compute, sense, and navigation. When they're not shooting Nerf darts at one another they solve big problems with innovative and practical solutions.  


Manufacturing Team

Brian, Jay, Caleb, Erick, Mike

Our Manufacturing Team might actually be comprised of wizards - we haven't been able to disprove it. These guys take ideas and turn them into things. They do machining, 3D printing, assembly and testing for our mechanical, and electrical designs.


Technician Team

Erick, Jay, Mike, Caleb

Our Technican Team's primary motivation is to keep engineers engineering. You may have noticed these are our Manufacturing Team members, too. That means they know the systems inside and out, they understand the design intent and can diagnose & repair things in jiffy!


Support Team

Michelle, Kathleen, Erica

Our Support Team does it all: procurement, supply chain management, office management, BOM wrangling, deadline tracking, pics and video creation, documentation, research, team lunches, and dog sitting. They accept bribes.