Rapid Manufacturing

Virtually everything we design, we also manufacture in-house. The reason is simple: lead times of a few days rather than 4-6 weeks. In the race to market, your team can't wait weeks just to do a test and find out that more design tweaks are needed.


Our Rapid Manufacturing Team is like rocket fuel for all of our projects

We really like being able to provide our manufacturing capabilities to our customers. Because we control every step of our manufacturing process, and it's all done in the same building, we get to move faster than most teams.


Turn-Key Assembly

Once we've manufactured all the components in an assembly, our highly skilled technicians go to work on putting them together. We can handle the build and assembly of small electro-mechanical assemblies up through full size automobiles. We are especially well equipped to deal with large machine build and test.


Maintenance and Versioning

One of the hardest parts of hardware product development is making sure prototypes are available for testing while design is actively continuing. The way we make that happen is by our highly skilled technicians being involved in the process from initial build and then on through care and feeding. When it's time to spin a new version, the team kicks into gear and can do rapid teardown and rebuild with new components. The goal is to minimize downtime of prototypes.