Software Development

Use our software team to get your product to market faster by leveraging our expertise in ROS, robotics, automation, embedded systems, and agile development. We like to get our hands dirty in the lab testing prototypes.


We are ROS experts.

Our software team is deeply versed in the most arcane aspects of the Open Source Robot Operating System. We have the experience to bring-up your project from scratch or strategize with you on how to accomplish a difficult goal. Our team will be releasing our product BaseSuite for ROS Q2 2017. This suite will address many of the core deficiencies in how ROS works for mobile base applications.


We love simulation

Every time we invest in simulation on our projects, the end result is the creation of tremendous value for our customers. Robust simulation in 2D & 3D allow us to test faster and it can do the same for you.


Build/Deploy Automation

Our entire team loves to invest in tools. Investment in tools always pays dividends. Build/Deploy Automation is one of those tools that pays for itself on a daily basis. We can create from scratch or fine-tune your release process so it takes mere seconds to build and test rather than the many minutes of error-prone manual work that it would otherwise take. As a test driven organization, we are always looking for ways to make it easier to run a test. Put our experience to work for your team.