We do robot engineering.

We help robotics companies move faster.

Electric Movement provides robotics engineering and product development to help startups and enterprises actually ship products. We take projects from conceptual design through production. We’re fast, focused on test-driven results, and take full ownership of every project from end-to-end.

Our deep software and hardware expertise combined with our extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to turn prototypes and iterate faster than most.

We have a valuable library of our own reference designs that enable your projects to happen faster and cheaper than custom work typically can be.

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Please note: our electric vehicle sales and service division has been re-named Electric Fleet and is now at www.ElectricFleet.com Thanks!

Robot Software Development

Our software team has deep expertise in ROS development, computer vision, motion planning, 2D & 3D simulation, build and deploy automation, and Linux development. 


Robot Hardware Development

We have a team of mechanical and electrical engineers passionate about designing high quality systems that work end to end. Our EE team has a unique depth of experience in power distribution and wire harness design for robotics applications. And our ME team has scratch built brushless motors, custom suspension and brake systems, and custom omni wheels.   

Rapid Manufacturing

Rapid prototyping is our game. We do as much proof of concept and prototyping as we can in-house to move quickly and "fail fast" without incurring massive costs. Our tools include: CNC & manual lathes, CNC & manual mills, and ancillary machine shop equipment; as well as 3D printers, PCB mill, PCB printer, and full electronics lab.


Products and Reference Designs

Our products and reference designs are the perfect way to make your project happen faster. Take a look at a slice of what we have to offer.


Latest Work

There's always a bunch of stuff going on here at our lab. See what's new.